Hurry up its free shipping on all products now. A limited time offer!
Hurry up its free shipping on all products now. A limited time offer!

About Us!

Have you had experienced using a tool and wished if it can do one simple thing to complete it's job but you can't do something about it?


We have, and that why LifeHackee exists. We believe it's our job to find great product ideas that solves different problems. To bring our vision to life at the core of everything we do. And it's all started with the first bad online shopping experience at early times on 2015, a book that I bought and never been recieved till now. 

We are a group of online shoppers who will share products with you that are made with quality, and send it to you wherever you are. Currently, we have a broad experience in sourcing valuable products from manufacturers and suppliers all over around the world. 

We believe that there're too much amazing ideas out there not shared enough with the world, and so LifeHackee was born.

 Out of that business model we reached out further still to our customers by launching an online retail store that bring together all the best ideas to hack your life to the best.

Smart, Solving, and Life Hacking Products

Today, we are not only offering consumers with valuable product, but we also bring you solutions, smart & innovative products at an affordable price.

Customer Experience

From home goods, to beauty and health gear to clothing and electronics you can find a wide variety of goodies that will hack your life to the best. And if you don't want to leave out your furry friends, we even have section of innovative products devoted just for them too. 

Stop searching and start living your best life, with gear from our un limited selections.


We are in a Mission ...

We served over 10,000 customers who are rising. Every shopping experience has been guided by our Shopping Fanatics. Them mission is to guide our customers and make them smart geared people with quality products that are affordable as they are a solution for many life problems